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When you decide to list your home with Bill Moisson, you are teaming up with a seasoned professional who will represent and protect your interests at every turn, and whose overriding goal is to get you the highest possible price with the fewest headaches..  

I will work with you to ensure that your home shows as well as possible, is strategically priced for the current market, and is skillfully and creatively advertised and promoted to both the brokerage community and the buying public.

For the benefit of my clients, I maintain a list of tried-and-tested specialists including photographers, stagers, painters, flooring specialists, home inspectors, pest inspectors, water-energy inspectors, architects, general contractors, lenders, insurance brokers, transaction coordinators.


Here are the 6 Main Steps in my process, from start to finish:


1)   PRICING YOUR HOME – We only get one chance to price it right

  • Preparing a Comparative Market Analysis to establish highest likely sales price

  • Consulting with you to select a strategically optimal Listing Price

2)   PREPARING YOUR HOME - First impressions are key

  • Walking through the home to assess its readiness for showing to the buying public

  • Obtaining quotations from cleaner/painter/carpeter/handyman/stager/etc as needed, and reviewing the quotations with you

  • Monitoring the preparation work through its completion

3)   ASSEMBLING THE DISCLOSURES – Disclose thoroughly to minimize legal liability

  • Obtaining Preliminary Title Report from a national title insurance company

  • Ordering third-party disclosures on your behalf:  Natural Hazards Disclosure Report, Building Inspection Department’s 3R Report, City’s Water/Energy Inspection, HOA Disclosures, as applicable

  • Issuing seller disclosure questionnaires for you to fill in

  • Preparing my Agent Visual Inspection Disclosure

  • Ordering on your behalf, if appropriate, a pre-marketing home inspection

  • Assembling all documents into a complete Disclosure Package, ready to be emailed to prospective buyers and/or their agents


4)   MARKETING & PROMOTING YOUR HOME – Right message, right audience, right results

  • Arranging for interior and exterior photography by my professional photographer

  • Composing a written description of the property, highlighting the most desirable features of the home and the neighborhood

  • Developing a flyer/brochure, and creating a dedicated website for your home

  • Promoting the property to all regional agents and the buying public, making full use of the Multiple Listing Service, internet advertising, newspaper advertising, postcard mailings, email alerts, for sale sign at the building, social media, and personal networking

  • Conducting Tuesday brokers tour, weekend and evening open houses, and special appointment showings

  • Keeping you informed of the progress


5)   SECURING OFFERS – Seeking the highest and best offers

  • Receiving offers, either singly or by setting an offer date if multiple offers are brewing

  • Assisting you in determining the best offer and buyer to ensure a successful escrow and closing

  • Negotiating the most favorable terms, including counter-offers where appropriate

  • Putting a back-up offer in place if possible

6)   MANAGING THE TRANSACTION – Tracking the details, all the way to the end

  • Ensuring that the buyer opens escrow with a recognized national title insurance company

  • Maintaining contact with the escrow officer, the buyer’s agent, and the buyer’s lender

  • Monitoring buyer’s remittance of earnest money deposit to escrow

  • Verifying that the buyer has signed all of the disclosure documents

  • Attending buyer’s inspections

  • Keeping track of key contractual deadlines and obtaining written contingency removals

  • Following the progress of the buyer’s loan application

  • Keeping you informed at every step, and advising you on dealing with any mis-steps

  • Scheduling your pre-close signing appointment at the title company and attending with you

  • Monitoring the title company’s closing of escrow and remittance of funds to you

  • Handing over the keys to the buyer

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